Angering The Artist
April 8th, 2007

Angering The Artist


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  1. Jorge

    I’ve been using a french press for a year now. It’s so much eeisar than a regular coffee maker and clean up is simpler too. Turn on electric kettle, grind beans, dump them and the water in, make breakfast, press coffee, done. The thing I can’t do is have hot coffee ready all morning but usually one cup is fine anyway.And wouldn’t a better deal be a hybrid hippie tears car? The car comes installed with a hippie in the trunk. Once he is drained of tears you have to swap out the whole hippie, true, but you get a lot more miles between stops. In fact you can even keep a stable of hippies and switch them out according to your planned activities for the day. Going shooting? Install your anti-2A hippie. Trip to the mall, use the commie hippie. The flexibility of this system is it’s saving grace, yeah it’s a pain switching out hippies, but with the slapping system there are places you just can’t go. Ever try to find a hippie out in New Pal? With the Hippie-On-BOard system, or HOBO as we like to call it, you can plan ahead for those trips.And in emergencies, like being in New Pal and you’re fresh out of hippie, you can even install a racist and tell them you are marrying a black man.

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