The Information Age
December 5th, 2007

The Information Age

Ok, I am not about to start blogging about every comic, but I’ve been thinking about the underlying theme of this one for some time now. So my thoughts regarding the POWER OF INFORMATION.

In mythology, demons worked very hard to hide their true names, for with that knowledge a human could bind them to servitude or send them back to Hell.

In the science-fiction movie, Gattaca, one’s entire life was decided by the information in one’s DNA. To have that knowledge of someone else was to have power over them. In an act of faith, Irene gives Vincent a piece of her hair, hence access to all of her genetic secrets.

Today, you don’t need magical books or a strand of DNA to gain information about someone… just a name. It’s weird how much stuff is accumulating out there in the virtual landfills. It’s weird that it is common practice to google other people. And that makes me think about what people will be able to do in 10 years.

You think about this stuff too, don’t you?


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