Century Club
March 12th, 2009

Century Club

The 100th strip! Thank you for stopping in for this momentous moment!

Special greetings to any of you JLCM readers who have followed Joe’s generous link! Stick around, enjoy some archive strips! You’re a good man, Joe Dunn! I will eat an ice cream sandwich in your honor!

And thanks, once again, to Todd and the Killjoy Crew wherever they may be. I hope one day we can pool our collective talents again to fight a giant monster or maybe just draw some funny comics. Ah, the good old days…

In other exciting news, I am cautiously activating comments (with moderation). It’ll take me a little time to get them up and running on all of the old strips. Bear with me as I get used to the idea… ah, the brave new world…



  1. Killjoyous

    Killjoyherelongtimereaderfirsttimecaller. CONGRATS, Mark! And congrats to your hard-working cast. It’s your brilliant acting, guys, as much as the brilliant writing, that makes Rat Tangent a success. Tesla, I love the way you let the bandages do the acting. Keppler, your zest for exploration really comes through in your work. Dalton, I love your subtle delivery. Edison, fine job, young man; stay off drugs. And the ever-lovable Cal, I enjoy the unexpected dynamic you bring to the cast — even though I didn’t vote for you. Thank you, Rat Tangent.

  2. Mercy

    Actually Robert Oppenheimer *was* delicious.

)your tangents...