Economic Kryptonite
May 13th, 2009

Economic Kryptonite

Feeling like a teachable moment? Superman couldn’t throw the moon at the earth due to Newton’s Third Law. In all likelihood, Superman would end up flying off in the opposite direction, although Superman has never much followed the laws of nature anyway…

Check this out if you want to see some of the deeper ramifications of Superman’s time bending escapades.



  1. Todd

    Ouch, the verbal attacks strike the heart of Superman like kryptonite daggers. Quick, say something super about the Man of Steel before you bring Krypton crashing down around us like you did the monumental Cheerios obelisk.

    For the record, I don’t think he was spinning the earth backward, but was traveling backward in time, so from his perspective, the earth appeared to travel backward. Well, that’s what I tell myself.

    Being Superman, Clark Kent can’t steal to make rent, but being Superman, he could definitely type enough internet content to pay the bills by typing at super speeds, even at a paltry $8/page. Maybe make some extra cash by doing some mining or hauling ore — nah, I don’t see him as a scab worker. Oh, he could provide a trash removal service, toss it into the sun. It’s a sustainable business practice, I think.

    I suppose when he’s in England, he could always change clothes in those pay toilets. Assuming he’s got a role of quarters in his boot.

    He could too throw the moon. I, I, I just know it, is all!

    PS – So how do I create my own avatar on this thing?

  2. Todd

    You know, you’re treading on dangerous ground here, spoofing movie scenes. Joe Dunn’s gonna send Grimace your way to exact his frosty revenge. If you rename this site Mark Debunks Crappy Movies, I’m going to tell him myself! 🙂 Actually, I think Joe would love that — I know I would. You’ll be the Doctor Zarkov to his Flash Gordon. Oh, that’s a great place to start! Now how about Ming steering his planet toward Earth or Flash using that thought-transference machine to contact Dale! And why did Vultan need that space-jet-ski when he had wings? Oh, too fat???

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