Beat The Press
May 20th, 2009

Beat The Press

It’s true! We blew the roof off of this story over a month ago! Someone must’ve read our hard-hitting expose and reported it to their local FDA official who sent this smack down to General Mills! How do you like those rolled oats!

Watch out… Cheerios isn’t backing down! If all of this is too confusing, feel free to read a few of these. After that, come on back and put your finger back on the pulse of the information superhighway called… RAT TANGENT.


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  1. Todd

    Kudos on bringing down an icon of healthful lifestyle choices! The KilljoyComics crew is all very proud. Long live Fruity Pebbles! This Cheerios scandal is real news. From now on, I expect you to CC the old team when you instigate societal upheaval. Perhaps you can take Kashi down next. “Now with real sticks and twigs” my @$$!!!

    [Now, if this had actually been “Kudos” (chocolate-swathed granola bars), or a beloved sweetened cereal with an adorable mascot, we’d be having a very different conversation. Back away from the Lucky Charms and no one will get hurt!]

    Even amidst the brilliance that is Rat Tangent, this strip and your commentary shine. Now that you’re a hard-hitting social commentator, we expect great things of you. Disney next? Bring ‘em down, I mean, don’t sell them the farm.

    …Holy clichéd metaphors, Batman.

    …Oh, that’s another one!

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