At The Movies
May 27th, 2009

At The Movies

I promised we’d make it back to the science movie theater someday. Enjoy.



  1. Todd

    Ar! Lest your readers be Pb astray (like cousin F, who thinks you’re a B), I’ll give you a Ni if you link to a periodic table. Where’s that heart of Au?

    Don’t be a Cd, or I’ll get a Cu to put a Rn your house! I’m Ce! My friend from Kr will put a Ne your back and force your W a meat grinder. I’m not Ac here, fellah! C’mon, get that Po out of U, or Th will Cs an O and shove it so far up your As, the best Mn doctor won’t be able to remove it. Has my Fr melted your Fm, Fe resolve?

    Aw, you called my bluff. It was all just a Si.

    Here’s a good one:

    I know, I should mind my own Bi. Hope there’s no Sb between us now.

    Hi Yo Au, away!
    (Who was that atomic mass man?)

  2. pamela

    now THAT’s a comment 😀

)your tangents...