Late Adopters
July 8th, 2009

Late Adopters

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the Eye-Level Entertainment booth at Anthrocon, right here in Pittsburgh.  Not only did we get to show off our games, a lot of people learned about Rat Tangent!  Safe travels, Furries! (All fur one and one fur all and all that stuff…)



  1. Todd

    Woh-ho! Pleased to see Facebook is the smoldering ant beneath your microscope this week! Plenty more meat to scorch there too. Go, Mark, go!

  2. GothPanda

    OH, MY!

    You guys Embedded my Video! Even though it has no sound! Thank you! 😀

  3. admin

    Hey, thanks for filming it. Anthrocon is always an experience. Now everyone else can get a little taste of it.

)your tangents...