Dead Comics Society
July 22nd, 2009

Dead Comics Society

This is one of those philosophical questions I’ve been mulling over since the early days of college. Perhaps it was a little to ambitious to tackle even in the Sunday format, but it was worth a shot.

Thanks to everyone (a.k.a. Todd) who entered last week’s experimental contest! No winners, but maybe next time.

For those who are interested, the strips featured from left to right were…

Copper, Odd-Fish, Dinosaur Comics, Killjoy, Basic Instructions & Joe Loves Crappy Movies.

By the way, I’m pretty satisfied with how the ad banners are going, so I’ve tweaked them a bit and given them a better spot on the side bar. They may be vacant for now, but snatch them up!



  1. SQLGuru

    It isn’t that I *like* taking out the garbage, but I like certain “rewards” I get from my wife…..and if I don’t take out the garbage, I won’t get those rewards.

  2. macsnafu

    If you really *knew* you were going to die tomorrow, then no, you wouldn’t do anything that you didn’t want to unless you absolutely could not avoid it. But since we don’t know that we’re going to die tomorrow, and for that matter, it doesn’t seem too likely, we want to do thing that will ensure that the day after tomorrow won’t be too messed up. At best, I see “Carpe Diem” as simply an encouragement to make sure that I’m not spending too much time on non-essential and non-desirable things, to make sure the balance between need and desire is properly adjusted.

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