Reeferm Madness
September 16th, 2009

Reeferm Madness

Ok, this comic would’ve been more timely last week, but I had to get things together for Pittsburgh’s Comicon. Speaking of which, good times were had. Important future endeavors were schemed with Todd. Cool people were met. To summarize…

– Much was discussed with Joe and Phil from Joe Loves Crappy Movies. (Let’s hope the authorities weren’t listening.)
– Bought an awesome drawing of Ernie as Cap America from my con neighbor, Jeremy of Mumplepuss.
– I ran into a student from where I used to teach in Maryland and he’s written a book!
– I spent a lot of time mesmerized by Tim Fischer’s great art.
– Chatted with PKD mastermind, Shawn Pryor and Urban Jungle artist David Wilborn, and the cool folks at Beyond-Good-N-Evil.
– Found out the guy who writes Slit the Living Voodoo Doll lives near me.
– And if you want a shirt (appropriate or not), go see these guys.

I saw a lot of other great people, so my apologies if I missed you.



  1. 3!LL

    It was great meeting you at the convention, I’m gonna drop you a line about that linkswap! 😀


  2. Fuji

    “It’s no picnic for me either, Buster!”

  3. TMLutas

    Funny and strange thing, there’s a mismatch between the first materials put out by the Dept of Education as curricula material to go along with the speech and the speech itself. The controversial “help the President” stuff just doesn’t make much sense given the contents of the actual speech. They pulled the ‘help the President’ material out prior to releasing the speech transcript. The White House has acknowledged that they not only changed the curriculum material but also the speech itself. About a decade from know, the early drafts should be available in the Obama Presidential Library. Until then, it’s just a curiosity covered by the presidential work product rules and will be kept secret.

    All in all it’s a bizarre incident but given that we know that after the protest the Obama administration changed both the speech and the curriculum material that went with the speech, the bizarreness is at the very least as much on the left as on the right.

  4. admin

    To Fuji, I always wait for him to bust out that line every speech. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who sees catch phrase potential there.

    To TM, I find it funny that the ‘help the President’ was so controversial as the first President Bush actually told students to do just that. But you’re right… there is plenty bizarreness for all corners of the political landscape. 🙂

  5. qka

    I doubt the V chip would be able to block C-Span or news channels – no sex, violence, adult language, or anything else objectionable, other than politics. Now if the V chip could block the shouting heads political talks shows (you know which ones I’m talking about!), that would be something.

  6. macsnafu

    As this was the first Rat Tangent comic I saw, I was a little confused how the bandaged rats were supposed to relate to the health care joke–but a little perusal of the archive quickly set me straight.

    An enjoyable comic.

  7. admin

    Thanks for reading the strip and the comments. We’ll see if the rats want to explore the world of health care a little longer or if they go wandering off on some other tangent…

  8. Tim Fischer

    “…great art.” HA! You can say, “drawings of boobs,” Mark.

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