Third Year Charming
February 10th, 2010

Third Year Charming

Hard to believe it’s been three years! Thanks for coming back every week!

What could be more epic than Dalton actually going to work? Long time fans know that Dalton has hemmed and hawed about his participation in gainful employment, so that last panel is sort of a big deal…

While you are waiting to see what happens next, make sure you go back and check out Journey to Mt. Moriah’s guest strip!



  1. Fuji

    Happy 150! Here’s a 150th strip celebratory Haiku for you.

    It’s called “Rat Tangent”.
    It used to be called “Lab Rats”,
    but not anymore.

    Cheers! Good luck vs. the Green Ball, Edison! (Do I sense a new character?)

  2. Mark

    Thanks for the poem! As for a new character, there might be two: the green ball and the voice behind the door…

)your tangents...