Better Late Than Never
February 17th, 2010

Better Late Than Never

Let’s welcome our newest character, Feynman. This curmudgeon is named in honor of the non-curmudgeon, Richard Feynman. Probably the most famous physicist after Einstein, Dr. Feynman was a brilliant, articulate who exemplified one of the best traits of a good scientist… raw curiosity. I highly recommend his books. Just to get a feel for the guy, watch the following.



  1. Mercy

    Most famous physicist after Einstein? Really? More famous than Newton, Galileo, Faraday, Kelvin, Doppler, Rutherford, Böhr, or Schrödinger for example? Really? I confess that had you asked me to name a physicist other than Einstein, I don’t think Feynman’s name would have popped into my head. *shrug* Maybe it’s a USAnian thing…

  2. Mark

    You’re right; in terms of the entire historical body of science Feynman (even with his Nobel prize) probably wouldn’t make the top three most famous names on Family Feud. But in terms of modern scientists who transcended research to become cultural icons, his influence in popularizing physics is undeniable in my humble opinion.

  3. Fuji

    But had you said the most famous physicist WHO PLAYED BONGOS, then Feynman would have it nailed down.

    Another Feynman blip from You tube below…

  4. RatBrat

    Feynman rocks! I have a new favorite rat. I love the characterization of your newest cast member. He’s so expressive, he almost doesn’t need to say anything — alas, that’s Tesla’s schtick, though.

    Welcome, Feymman, may you outlive the imminent demise your physique suggests. Looking forward to many a surly grumble in the days — dare I say years — to come!

    Mercy me, someone didn’t mention Tesla. Or Reed Richards. 😉 Makes ya wonder. Must be an innanian thing. But this is not the ‘forum’ for petty debate.

    Ratastic strip, Rat Tangent!

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