Back In The Day
February 24th, 2010

Back In The Day

I’ve been thumbing through the giant collection by Brian Walker called “The Comics: The Complete Collection”. Despite the overreaching title, it is a massive resource of comics and cartoonists dating back to the Yellow Kid. “Little Nemo in Slumberland” immediately caught my eye and I learned a little about a great artist named Winsor McCay.

His art inspired me to try to emulate his style. This doesn’t mean I’m going to start doing this every week, but I might start trying to do do this every now and then to pay tribute to other great cartoonists. This entire comic was completed in a little over five hours and done completely on my Wacom pad… Sort of ironic for a strip that is paying homage to an artist from over a century ago!

By the way, that incorrect headline really does exist. I’d rant about that more, but I just want to sit back and enjoy this strip for a bit. Read the article for yourself and tell me if you think that title is way off base.



  1. Fuji

    “This headline says, ‘War has broken out in Europe.” Ha. Ok… maybe it isn’t so funny when you take it out of context like this, but hilarious in the strip itself. Nice experiment with a new style. Next up, “Family Circus”?

  2. Fuji

    You made me curious to check out Winsor McCay. Some of his work is on YouTube. This is a stunning movie he did in 1918 to portray the sinking of a British vessel by the Germans around the time of WWI. Amazing considering the time period – looks like a blend of film and animation. The animation shames Disney’s famous ‘Steamboat Willie” (filmed 10 years later in 1928).

  3. Joy Ryder

    Superb work, Mark! This strip was as successful as it was ambitious! Yoy really flexed for cartooning muscle here, kicked sand in the face of all us scrawny comics sandcombers. Eager to see more like these now and then. Can’t wait for your Crumb-eske tribute.

  4. Mark

    Not a bad idea!

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