It Sort Of Happened
April 28th, 2010

It Sort Of Happened

I gave the rats a week off! We worked the Pittsburgh Comicon this weekend and had a lot of fun. I had ambitions to do several convention humor based strips, but this is all I had time for tonight. I did say ‘Hi’ to Dermot Crowley as he walked by my booth and he seemed genuinely nice. Margot Kidder also came over to my booth, so we must’ve had a good location.

Big thanks to all of our fellow Pittsburgh Comicon-ers. Spent a lot of time chatting with our friends Lance and the Gang at Beyond Good & Evil and knock-knock joke god,Josh Johnson. I also got to see the ever talented Tim Fischer again (though I just discovered his strip, “Life With the Wife”). And shared too few words with Shawn Pryor at PDK Media.

Dermot Crowley


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