Where’s “Not Me!” When You Need Him
June 16th, 2010

Where’s “Not Me!” When You Need Him

OK, this wasn’t the first time I’ve brought up the Family Circus. Probably won’t be the last. For the record, I actually LIKE the Family Circus. Here is a good interview with Bil Keane.

Like the famous Garfield Minus Garfield, Family Circus has many, many reinterpretations that may be even funnier than the original. I like the H.P. Lovecraft ones, myself.



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    I used to watch this show a lot! Mostly because of Kramer and his epilepsy-like moves that made me laugh … I think Seinfeld was as down to earth as it could be, a needy less successful friend (George), the crazy Moocher (Kramer) and the semi-easy-female “friend”… Only thing I’ve learned is that now you choose who to drop it like it is or who you can or be manipulated from (specially good looking women that ask for something with puppy eyes)

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