Four Years & 200 Strips Later…
Thursday — February 10th, 2011

Four Years & 200 Strips Later…

Well, this is it! The final strip! Hard to believe this is the last time I’ll be spending my Tuesday nights trying to craft a new adventure for these little guys, but it looks like they don’t need me anymore anyways.

I do sincerely appreciate the time you’ve chosen to spend here. If you don’t want the magic to end, then please consider following my work at Cowboy Jedi and Eye-Level Entertainment.

And remember moving on isn’t always a bad thing. (Language warning on that link there.)

relevant tangents...

Rat Retrospective: #4 & #3

Rat Tangent’s Top Ten… #4:

January 14th, 2009 – “Local Boy Done Good”

The time-traveling Future Dalton was a tricky character to deal with. How to milk the humor of time travel without getting bogged down in the ethics and mechanics. Again, I think I got lucky coming up with some great dialogue and one of my favorite punchlines of all time. In fact, “An apocalypse is a great motivator.” even wound up on a shirt that a few of you may have picked up at some random convention I was at.

Rat Tangent’s Top Ten… #4:

June 25th, 2008 – “Copper Skies”

I liked this strip for a lot of reasons. It was part of the epic Jokebot story arc. It broke out of my typical, two people facing each other panel style. Plus it had a good punchline and just a dash of poignant. I think you’ll find this pattern of success follows into my two favorite strips. See you tomorrow!