Four Years & 200 Strips Later…
Thursday — February 10th, 2011

Four Years & 200 Strips Later…

Well, this is it! The final strip! Hard to believe this is the last time I’ll be spending my Tuesday nights trying to craft a new adventure for these little guys, but it looks like they don’t need me anymore anyways.

I do sincerely appreciate the time you’ve chosen to spend here. If you don’t want the magic to end, then please consider following my work at Cowboy Jedi and Eye-Level Entertainment.

And remember moving on isn’t always a bad thing. (Language warning on that link there.)

relevant tangents...

Rat Retrospective: #6 & #5

Rat Tangent’s Top Ten… #6:

February 24th, 2010 – “Back In The Day”

This strip was inspired by Winsor McCay, an early cartoonist. This strip came together very quickly and was the first one I completely did on my Wacom drawing pad. Maybe the content was a little obscure, but I liked the way it came together. I should’ve pushed myself to emulate more artists like this, but if this was the only one I ended up doing, I’m OK with it.

Rat Tangent’s Top Ten… #5:

June 26th, 2009 – “Hail To The King Of Pop”

Another strip that came together very quickly. In fact it wasn’t even a regular post; I created it the night that Michael Jackson died. I think each frame stands on its own. One of my favorites, no doubt.